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Announcement :: Protest Activity

Anarchist Call to Resist the Inauguration in DC


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News :: Peace & War

US Losing Its Grip on Fallujah AGAIN; Quisling Poll Workers Dragged from Police Car and FALLUJAHED in the Street


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News :: Peace & War

A Message From The Iraq Resistance


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News :: Children : Civil & Human Rights : Crime & Police

Father Seeking Justice in Georgia

Dekalb County Police, the Department of family and children Services, and the Dekalb Juvenile Court should be held responsible for destorying a family.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Richmond's Social Security Now- Update

Stop The Privatization Of Social Security!

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

BTL:Abuse of Iraqi and Afghan Detainees Linked to US Training in Torture at...

...Army's School of the Americas ~ Interview with Kathy Kelly, founding member, Voices in the Wilderness conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Major Media Refuses to Focus on the Recount

Main stream media, for the most part, is refusing
to report on the Ohio recount and the emerging
reports of voter fraud, disenfranchisement, and
suppression. It is an extremely disgusting situation,
with literally thousands of people volunteering to
count every vote and those brave and wonderfull
people protesting in the bitter cold about what

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Announcement :: [none]

VOP Action Alert: Racial Profiling Bill Needs Co-Sponsors

The General Assembly will open for the 2005 legislative session on January 12. Delegate Jeion Ward has pre-filed a bill to collect data on racial profiling in Virginia, and many VOP local groups have met with their delegates to ask them to support a bill to document patterns of racial profiling this year. Signing on as a co-sponsor to Del. Ward's racial profiling bill is a concrete way that all delegates can move this bill along in the upcoming session.

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Interview :: Labor & Class

Building Bridges Radio: The Survivors of BhopalThey Hunger & Thirst for Justice:

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report brings you this 27 minutes radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW.

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

BTL:U.S. Veterans Say Iraq Insurgency Grows as the War is Mismanaged

Interview with Paul Rieckhoff, former U.S. Army lieutenant, and founder of Operation Truth conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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