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The Web: New wave of online entrepreneurs

Great story about online entrepreneurs.

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Secretary-General, World Constitution and Parliament Assoc.

An open letter to the leaders of the Democratic Party concerning the real reasons why they lost the election and their failure as a "party of the people."

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

The Second American Revolution

begins here

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Announcement :: [none]

Protest War Criminal Tommy Franks 11/13/04 @ 7pm, Richmond

Protest War Criminal General Tommy Franks
Saturday, Nov. 13 7pm
Landmark Theater @ Monroe Park (Main and Laurel streets)

Post-Protest Discussion @ Pace Center 700 W. Franklin

"Gen. Tommy Franks is seen as an architect of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It should come as no surprise that he is being sued as a war criminal for his role in the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. The complaint holds him and other u.s. military officials responsible for the indiscriminate killing of Iraqi civilians, the bombing of a marketplace in Baghdad, the shooting of an ambulance, and failure to prevent the mass looting of hospitals," said Jan Fermon, a Brussels-based lawyer. It may come as more of a surprise that Franks was also under investigation for ‘abuse of office’ by the Pentagon (CNN 2/5/03). As a retired war criminal Franks through his weight behind the Bush campaign in the recent elections...."


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News :: Labor & Class

Coke...The Pause That Kills!!!

As you read this article, the Coca-Cola company is using para-military goon squads to kidnap, torture, and kill union organizers at their plants in Columbia, South America.

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News :: Elections & Legislation


Message from Ramsey Clark
"Bush can run, but he cannot hide from the Constitution"
"The election does not pardon the President for past, or future "high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

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News :: Elections & Legislation : Media : Protest Activity : Right Wing


The 2004 Presidential election is NOT over! There's evidence the election may have been "hijacked" by fraud and that Bush has NOT won. A nationwide grassroots movement is underway to uncover the fraud, get the votes counted (or recounted) and file lawsuits, and YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW. Please spread the word, pitch in some volunteer time, help recruit volunteers with legal and/or computer expertise, and consider donating money. The Presidency won't be decided until the Electoral College meets on December 12; it's not too late to Redefeat Bush Again.

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Announcement :: Globalization

United Kingdom G8 Protest


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News :: Elections & Legislation

Why did Florida voters with one type of machine vote one way?

In Florida, the figures show that, in counties with one type of voting machine, voters with no Democrat or Republican party affiliation appeared to split their votes roughly 50/50 between Bush and Kerry, which was to be expected; yet in counties with another type of voting machine, unaffiliated voters seemed to vote nearly 100% for Bush!
Why did Florida voters with one type of machine vote one way,
and voters with a different machine vote another?

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Commentary :: Peace & War

A letter to the people of the United States regarding the future of humanity.

Now I know you have a short attention span, you don't like to read, and you are easily offended, but just bear with me for a minute. Oh that's right you especially don't like to listen to anyone who isn't an American. Well guess what Australia just became the 51st state, so that makes me an American now too and I am just as complicit in the crimes against humanity our governments are committing as you are.

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