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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

The Public Stoning of Martha Stewart: A Lifting of the Veil

Members of the mainstream press flew into Martha Stewart with more than their usual viciousness following her setting out as a political victim. Having nothing substantial to use against her, they have given negative connotations to her success, mocked the domestic skills upon which she has built her life’s work, twisted what she said and misquoted her, and made hateful remarks that could not have gotten past the editor in the days of ethical media practices. . . .

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Why Do You Pretend That Voting Works?

a long time coming

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News :: Elections & Legislation



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Commentary :: International Relations

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution

When I was very young, I remember my family taking my uncle to Logan International Airport in Boston. One side of the Sumner Tunnel had been blocked to traffic due to security situations, because Fidel Castro was due to be passing through at any moment. This was the very day that he made his famous speech at Harvard University.

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Interview :: Elections & Legislation

Eminem’s Mosh video: FUCK BUSH

Eminem’s Mosh video will awaken the rage within. The time is now to come together and fire the number one weapon of mass destruction: BUSH

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News :: Protest Activity

Will of the People Will Not Be Expressed in This Election

The Will of the People Will Not Be Expressed in This Election

Revolutionary Worker #1257, October 31, 2004, posted at http://rwor.org

There is a big problem.

Millions of people are looking at the U.S. presidential election as a crucial turning point in world events. And at the same time the workings of this system have worked coldly to stifle their voices and choices.


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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

BTL:Election Protection Coalition Charges GOP-Connected Groups with...

...Voter Suppression and Intimidation Campaign ~ Interview with Elliot Minceberg, People for the American Way Foundation, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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Commentary :: Right Wing

Fascism and the Republican Party

The close relationship of fascist individuals and groups from the period of Nazi rule in Europe with the Republican Party.

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Commentary :: Peace & War : Right Wing

Art of War : Neo Con Agenda

Neo Con Agenda

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News :: Media

Wireless World: Cellphones and polls

Great story about pollsters missing affluent, mobile voters.

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