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Announcement :: Peace & War



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Commentary :: Media

Anarchy Is Not the Answer

Anarchy is not the answer for activists or independent media outlets that take their business of reform seriously. Independent Media groups and activists around the country (no matter how loosely organized) can not afford the luxury of either acting like, or being labeled, anarchists.

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Commentary :: Labor & Class

Let’s Continue and Expand the Million Worker March Movement!

The Million Worker March on October 17, in Washington DC, is a historic mobilization for the U.S. working class. Never before has the labor movement stood independent of the Democrats and Republicans to clearly state the class needs of those who do all the work in this country. This is what one socialist group, Workers Action, suggests to strengthen and expand this groundbreaking movement.

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News :: Media

The Web: Iraqi blogs building free speech

This is a great story about Iraq blogger's influence.

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News :: Environment

activists vist home of NCC CEO jon nix

Around a dozen activists from the kingsport Tn student group, Students for a Clean Enviroment held a peaceful candle light vigil out side the West Knoxville home of Jon and Jeanne Nix, the Ceo and Secretary Treasurer, of National Coal Corporation.

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News :: Protest Activity

Glimpsing a Liberated Future with Chairman Avakian

This is an excerpt of an interview conducted with Sunsara Taylor by Luciente Zamora during the week of the Republican National Convention. The full interview can be seen at rwteam.blogspot.com.

Luciente:Can you speak to the crucial role of revolutionary communists, the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade in taking out and promoting and popularizing our Chairman Bob Avakian?

Sunsara: Let me say this on a personal level, there are a lot of things I hate in this world and that have outraged me over the years and been moved to do something about. But it's a big leap you make when you decide to be a conscious revolutionary communist.


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News :: Elections & Legislation

Presidential Candidates Arrested

Cobb and Badnarik arrested, challenge system amid media blackout

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

BTL:U.S. Media Fails to Act as Truth-Detector in...

...Covering Presidential Election Campaign ~ Interview with David Brock, media critic and former conservative activist, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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News :: Housing

HUD Suppressing Poor Vote

Read All About Efforts To Suppress The Vote Of The Poor!

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Today’s Republicans Are So Not

You can call them right, you can call them wrong, you can even call them Ray; just don’t call them Republicans. The behind-the-scenes folks leading the GOP these days are running an (extremely) awful show unlike any previously presented by a major American political party, no matter what title adorns the marquee. For more details, read on.

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