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News :: Animal Rights

Athens is 'cleaned' of its dogs

The Athens 2004 Organizing Committee was determined to present an Olympic city free from the 'uncivilized' presence of roaming canines

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News :: Right Wing

Petition Strikes at the Heart of Family Values

Petition to U.S. Congress Eliminates Religious Institutions from Tax Exempt
Status - All Religious Texts Promoting Criminal Activity Must be Purged From
Public Worship Handbooks.

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News :: Protest Activity

See Bush... Think Revolution No to the New Rome

NO to Ashcroft and Abu Ghraib, to pre-emptive wars and Patriot Acts, to "smart bombs," lockdowns and midnight raids, to Rumsfeld's leer and Cheney's sneer and Rice's lying eyes.

NO to razor-wire penned-in "protest zones," to FBI knocks on the door, to infiltration, permit denials, fear campaigns, slanders, threats and massive shows of force . . . all to stop a goddamn protest in the park.

NO to living in a "new Rome". . .

Or an "old" Germany.


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Announcement :: Miscellaneous

Anarchist conference in Vermont

In September, 2004, the 4th Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference will be held in Plainfield, Vermont.

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Commentary :: Right Wing

If Bush Wins His First Election: A Not So Far-Out View of the Not Too Far-Off Future

So you think things are bad now? Well, they hella are. But you ain’t seen nothing yet if Dubya wins (or is re-appointed) November 2. For a grim peek at how things may eventually look should John Kerry unimaginably come a cropper on Election Day, read on.

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News :: Protest Activity

QueerFist Action: "Married to the State: a Shotgun Wedding"

This action is a satire highlighting the hypocrisy of the mainstream gay agenda, and we're using the RNC as our stage!

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Announcement :: Media

RNC:FOX NEWS "SHUT-UP-A-THON";Tuesday, August 31, 4 pm

Tuesday, August 31, 4 pm The Official Republican National Convention FOX NEWS "SHUT-UP-A-THON" 1211 Ave. of Americas (btwn. 47th & 48th) New York, NY

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

Kerry's Ambiguous Position on Iraq Alienates Progressive Voters

Interview with Matthew Rothschild, editor of the Progressive Magazine, conducted by Scott Harris

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Announcement :: Peace & War

The Present Time

All we can feel about our selves is that we are experiencing "the present time" on and on throughout our lifetime. Could all this possibly be a result of the fact that the basic matter that forms the contents of the universe is "always present" and that all it experiences is but a change of position?

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Announcement :: Protest Activity : Right Wing

RNCdelegates.com launched!

The RNC Delegates Working Group would like to announce the launch of RNCdelegates.com! On this website, people mobilizing against the RNC will find the names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of many of the delegates going to the Republican National Convention later this month.

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