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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

A few words about Ronald W. Reagan...

Ronald Reagan is being hailed as the greatest thing to "Conservatives" since the McCarthy era. He is also being slandered by "Liberals", left-wingers, anarchists, communists, socialists, people with AIDS, etc. as a racist, homophobe, xenophobe and a White Supremacist. In short, nothing could be further from the truth from either point of view.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : International Relations : Peace & War : Protest Activity

Activist on Hunger Strike in Israeli Jail for attempting "peace" talks with Hamas

Irish American political activist Ken O'Keefe is on hunger strike in an Israeli jail whilst fighting deportation after being arrested for attempting to enter Gaza on Thursday. Last year, the former US Marine and Gulf War veteran returned to Iraq with more than 500 Human Shields. After entering Gaza via a settlement, he was detained by 10 Israeli soldiers whilst walking along the beach into the Palestinian area.

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

BTL:Planned Parenthood Court Challenge Overturns GOP-Backed...'

...Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act~ Interview with Beth Parker, attorney representing Planned Parenthood in the Partial Birth Abortion Ban court case, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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News :: Gender and Sexuality

"I am not willing to live in this world anymore."


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News :: Protest Activity

Walking on the path of the Vanguard

This was a great event: to hear the words of the leader who speaks to us with the truth, who takes things apart with such a clear analysis, who teaches us with a science that advances our understanding." So it was described by an organizer of the May Day showing of the video clip.


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Commentary :: International Relations

BTL:June 30th Transition of Power in Iraq Criticized as Hollow Attempt to...

...Bolster Bush Re-Election Bid~ Interview with Rahul Mahajan, author and commentator, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Rat in a Drain Ditch, Caught on a Limb

It’s been a long, dark, strange trip these past three-plus years, but rejoice, dear readers: Bush is toast! How can this be, you ask, and how can one be so sure? Read on, and be ye comforted: Find out why the Bushman goeth come November.

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News :: [none]

Enola Gay protestor to be sentenced 6/18

"I am sorry to say, I had helped build nuclear weapons for 23 years at Rockwell International. Now I am a grieving pacifist"

Peace activist and former nuclear weapons builder, Thomas Siemer, is scheduled for sentencing in the Federal Court House in Alexandria, VA on June 18. Siemer took part in a protest of the unveiling of the Smithsonian's revisionist display of the Enola Gay bomber back in December. The plane in question dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, a civilian target, incinerating the entire city and some 100,000 residents.

Siemer threw a small jar of red paint at the bomber symbolizing the blood spilled by the Enola Gay and other B-29 bombers. He was promptly arrested and suffered a heart attack during the trip to jail.

Read the full article for Siemer's personal statement which includes details of his arrest.

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News :: Children : Civil & Human Rights

The Forbidden Truths of Child Abuse within Human Society

A devastating dissection of the Forbidden Truths of how human society chooses to sponsor, encourage, facilitate, and revel in the genocidal victimization, abuse, torture, and murder of it's child-slaves.

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Commentary :: [none]

Reagan, Race and Remembrance

Many of us who read this site were deeply affected by the Reagan administration in our formative years. His death has created a parade of salutes and tributes without any critical reflection on the real impacts of the Reagan administration. As we continue to cope with this instance of the whitewashing of American history, I hope we will take the time to carry on the oral tradition of speaking our truth about the Reagan legacy and it's divisive parallels to Bush.

Many young people don't have a clue about the contradiction between the reality of the Reagan years and this parade of propaganda. There may never have been a clearer instance of across the board lying by the corporate media in the United States of Amnesia. But we've got alternatives to promote. This past week's programming at www.democracynow.org is truly enlightening of the Reagan years. Please also see this piece from blackcommentator.com -- one among many critical obituaries that need to be heard. It's challenging, but that what history is for, to challenge us to do better.


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