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Commentary :: Peace & War

Meet the New Boss…

Why are so many Americans oblivious to their country's arrogant, sometimes brutal behavior, actions that are so easily recognizable to the rest of the world? For the answer, read on.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Media : Miscellaneous

Film "Raymundo" Website

We have the pleasure to inform you that was inaugurated the official site of the film RAYMUNDO.

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News :: Labor & Class : Protest Activity

For 8 days in May, Truckers closed the Port of Oakland

For eight days in May, the Port of Oakland was virtually shut down by truckers striking for better conditions. The same port had been closed down by antiwar protesters just three weeks before, so a small contingent of us from Direct Action to Stop the War (DASW) joined them as a community support group and reported their struggle on Indymedia.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Crime & Police : Elections & Legislation : Globalization : Indymedia : International Relations : Labor & Class : Media : Miscellaneous : Protest Activity : Right Wing

Washington Behind Terrorist Plot Against Chavez


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Announcement :: Environment

Natural Building and Deep Ecology Training in Tennessee

The Sequatchie Valley Institute at Moonshadow, a non-profit organization, will host its 3rd annual Natural Building Workshop June 18th-27th. Learn how to build a natural, affordable, long-lasting, beautiful home with materials from the land. Particpants will learn through hands-on workshops using cob, adobe, timber-framing, and more. The workshop cost is $650 with work trade and scholarships available. Limited space is available and you must register to attend. For more information, please contact SVI at (423) 949-5922, or email efactivist (at) yahoo.com. More information is available on the web at www.svionline.org.

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Commentary :: Media

Media Hypocricy Regarding Abu Ghraib and Nick Berg

Day after day we find ourselves subjected to the appalling photographs of Iraqi prisoner abuse...
At the same time, the decapitation of Nick Berg has received very little coverage in the media...

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

Kerry is as good as Roosevelt, Nader as bad as Bush

“Progressives need to understand that Franklin Roosevelt was elected president in 1932 on a wishy-washy platform no bolder than the Kerry platform...poll after poll shows the Nader vote depleting Kerry and helping Bush, and tipping swing states and their electoral votes to Bush."

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Oh, Say Can’t You See?

According to most polls, about 50% of Americans continue to look favorably upon President Bush. For heaven’s sake, why?? For the answer, read on.

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Commentary :: Media

IMC needs better marketing

Ideas on how to improve readership and interest in publishing on Independent Media Center. Why the right to right as a citizen is important. Opportunities to write more opinion than the scrawny Letters to the Editors that are hacked up to a few sentences is a way to go. Can’t main stream media practice democracy?

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Commentary :: Media

Limbaugh says Iraqi abuse was 'Decent Punishment'

"Let's face it, folks, we live in a society where sometimes the truth has to be shaded, denied, covered up, in order to protect people's feelings, in order to just keep things on a even keel." -- Rush Limbaugh, May 10, 2004

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