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Commentary :: Right Wing

Commiting Suicide the Libertarian Way

Leave it to the politically clueless "leadership" of the LP to consign the party's opposition to the war -- the one platform plank with potentially broad appeal this election year -- to the junk heap. Oh well, don't get mad -- get even!

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Commentary :: Right Wing

Various white male hypocrites dominate 2003

Massaging the facts of your life to fit your public positions, rather than the other way around, is a bad, sad deal.

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Review :: Miscellaneous

Revolutionary Music Review: Evan Greer

Young political songwriter Evan Greer has made a name for himself in Boston by gracing stages with the likes of David Rovics, Howard Zinn, and Tim Robbins. Erin Osgood of Flamejolt Magazine reviews his music, his politics, and his message.

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News :: Protest Activity

Planned Parenthood Christmas Card Controversy

"I understand they (STJ) are here to protest Planned Parenthood, but some of the signs misrepresent their cause," a passer-by proclaimed.

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Announcement :: Media

Please Visit New Peace Website

New website to promote Palecek's books, fiction and non-fiction, with justice and peace themes.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights


Investigative journalist Ritt Goldstein's chronicle on the rise and ramifications of US police power...from both journalistic and personal perspectives.

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Commentary :: Labor & Class

BTL:Rev. Billy Takes his Gospel of 'Stop Shopping' to Stores that...

...Sell Products Produced by Sweatshop Labor. Interview with the Rev. Billy, Church of Stop Shopping, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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Commentary :: Right Wing

Hey, They're Taking Slash-and-Burn to Extremes!

Republican leaders are deploying scorched-earth tactics, as if they ruled the nation 80-20, not 51-49, because cooperating with Democrats would cost even more votes from the conservatives.

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Commentary :: Gender and Sexuality

Sodomites All

Liberalism is a continual digression - who knows if It may embrace pedophilia next? Impeach the Massachusetts Supremes - That's the only proper reaction to their same-sex marriage decision.

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Commentary :: Media

Peace Porridge #36: 24 December 2003 - Juvenile Justice In Iraq

Things were different before the invasion! Liberation? Hardly! Terrorize? Absolutely! What possible chance is there to bring about peace in Iraq with storm trooper tactics against school children and teachers? The fact that some of these children have chosen Saddam over the soldiers of the US occupational forces must tell you something! It certainly should!

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