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News :: Civil & Human Rights

So what's the difference?

BILLS, that's a difference. Hundreds of billions wasted
for no legitimate justification as a war monger's war
crimes. An irrational war of indiscriminate killing
fought to lower our complete, unrestricted access
without delay we had in Iraq prior, while an evil
bushite nazi teen soldier's life is cast away as
worthless, without any true meaning to speak of.

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News :: Labor & Class

News From Nowhere

Download News From Nowhere Dec. 2003, the newsletter of the World Socialist Party (US), the only party that calls for the Abolishment of Employment

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Announcement :: Right Wing

Time Magazine - The Person of the Year

The fatal policy of appeasement was and is the wrong answer

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News :: Miscellaneous

The Top Twenty Forbidden Truths of Humanity

The human species is the most diseased, perverse, and pathetic to have ever infested planet earth. This article reveals the top 20 reasons why this species has forfeited it's right to continue to exist.

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News :: Gender and Sexuality

President Voices Support for Marriage Amendment Amidst Vocal Opposition

President George W. Bush threw his ideological weight into the looming battle over the civil rights of gay, lesbian, intersex, and transgender Americans. The National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC) decries these efforts to destabilize gay and gender-variant families in the hopes of garnering reelection support through religiopolitical bigotry.

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News :: Peace & War


Peace on earth

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Reagan on a Dime

An argument against the perception of Ronald Reagan as a great President. In my opinion, he doesn't deserve to be on the dime or have his face chiseled into Mt. Rushmore as some conservatives have suggested.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

The Government 911 Coverup falling apart?

Is martial law just around the corner?? You decide!

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

BTL:Supreme Court Upholds Campaign Finance Soft Money Ban...

...Clean election advocates seek more comprehensive reforms. Interview with Nick Nyhart, executive director of Public Campaign, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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News :: Media

A dos años del Argentinazo

A dos años del Argentinazo

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