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Andalucía: Contra la Constitución española - Andalusia: Against Spanish Constitution

Artículos de análisis sobre el Régimen español y sobre Andalucía - Más sumarios y enlaces // LINKS //
ANDALUCIA LIBRE - FREE ANDALUSIA: Left nationalist newsletter. A perspective of Andalusia how a Nation from the nationalist left; a world perspective from andalusian left. Independence - Republic - Socialism

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News :: Media

Secret memo pushed a pro-Limbaugh PR blitz

The plan involved taking up former Senator Bob Dole's offer "to help" the embattled radio jock - and suggesting he write a supportive letter to Newsweek magazine.

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Announcement :: Globalization

Offered: An Advanced Internship

Are you planning to make organic farming your career and lifestyle and are thinking about acquiring a farm to make a living from it? Here's an opportunity ...

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News :: Miscellaneous

Anal Sex Byproduct Named for Senator Santorum

Lube-and-fecal matter mix takes name of anti-gay U.S. Senator.

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100th Anti-War Protest this Friday at Noon for Richmond Dad

This Friday, December 12th marks the 100th anti-war protest for Richmonder Larry Syverson. From 12 noon to 1pm, Larry will be at Richmond's Federal Courthouse on 10th and Main Streets. Come to the lunchtime protest and help Larry commemorate his 100th vigil against the Bush administration's war in Iraq.

Larry Syverson has two sons serving in Iraq and he's doing his darnedest to bring them home and expose the lies that got them put in harms way to begin with. He's been in dozens of news articles, speaking out to Wolf Blitzer on CNN, called for Rumsfeld's resignation in a full page MoveOn.org ad in the NY Times, and he's just getting started.

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God’s Chosen People

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News :: [none]

Rally for Workers Rights, Calls for Solidarity Action!

On a rainy Richmond afternoon, workers from Petersburg to Baltimore and as far away as North Carolina rallied with supporters to stand in solidarity with Virginia Public Service Workers Union, of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America Local 160, out of Petersburg.

UE Local 160, along with other solidarity groups, has declared political war on the General Assembly next session. Their goal is nothing less than to get the VA “Right to Work? Law erased from the books. They are calling for supporters to join them on a “Lobby Day? January 28, 2004, in which they will present testimonials of State employees’ grievances directly to the General ASSembly Delegates. One worker from North Carolina, Stanley Lee, who spoke at the rally said it best “Stand up, be counted for!?

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News :: Globalization

G8 2004 comes to Georgia. ACTION TIME!

G8 2004: Call for mobilization and support for free speech actions in Savannah, GA

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Commentary :: Media

Public Notice: Libertarian Screeds and Indymedia Thieves

I have no connection with Indymedia, either: apparently their postings are almost completely unmoderated, and posters steal (and alter) original material, so that there is no way to tell what one is reading.

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Commentary :: Right Wing

The Libertarian Party's backlash against an invited pro-war Speaker

As long as Boortz "remains a staunch opponent of the War on Drugs" who cares whether he's one of the most vocal and enthusiastic cheerleaders for a real shooting war in Iraq? So what if we're becoming an empire, just don't bogart that bong, dude!

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