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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

The Puppetmasters: Assembling The Legend of 9/11

One man was Clinton's counter-terrorism "czar". The other was reputedly the FBI's most dogged pursuer of Osama bin Laden. But did these two men perform a more sinister, covert role in coordinating the global elements of the unfolding 9/11 Legend?

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Speech - Genocidal Correctness, by John Kusumi


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Commentary :: Right Wing

Is Bush a bigger liar than Clinton?

George W. Bush and his sleazy gang have but one guiding principle that dominates all they do. They use public power and influence for private gain and will do just about anything to keep the power in order to keep the gain.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

peacecoup.us - Ending Market Dictatorship

please forward

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Commentary :: International Relations

The War on Odor & The War on Terror

In (Vonnegut's) God Bless You Mr. Rosewater, one of Trout’s stories appears; a story of a country that is at war with odor. A country, where millions are spent fighting odors, chemicals are developed to neutralize every odor. Time, money and manpower goes into a full-frontal attack on the scourge of the earth, odor.

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News :: Peace & War

Dear Hell's Angels,

a call to order

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News :: [none]

Workers from Three States to Rally in Richmond on Human Rights Day

On Wednesday, December 10, members of the Virginia Public Service Workers Union, joined by fellow members of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America from Maryland and North Carolina, will rally in Richmond.

The rally, part of a national day of labor action [1, 2, 3] marking Human Rights Day, will demand that the Commonwealth of Virginia recognize state workers' rights to organize unions, bargain collectively and strike.

Human Rights Day commemorates the 1948 ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which stated that"[e]veryone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association," and that "[e]veryone has the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his (sic) interests."

Currently, Virginia is one of 22 "right to work" states. State officials regularly refuse to meet with union members, and collective bargaining, strikes and pickets are all illegal for state workers.

The rally will begin at 11:00 am at the Bell Tower at Capitol Square.

It has been endorsed by the Richmond Coalition for a Living Wage, Richmond Food Not Bombs, the Student Liberation Action Collective, The People United, the Tidewater Labor Support Committee, and the Virginia Organizing Project.

Further endorsements are welcome, and all are invited to participate.

For more information, please contact the Virginia Public Service Workers Union at 1-888-868-6466 or organize@ue160.org.

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News :: Peace & War


WAR HERO: (computer wallpaper & holiday e-greeting) DEDICATED TO YOU! You,
who fought and continue to fight, against this war. You are the heroes!

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News :: Protest Activity

1,700 American Deserters!

American soldiers have increasingly been going AWOL. That is likely to be one of the reasons why Bush went to Iraq for Thanksgiving.

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Commentary :: Right Wing

Libertarian infighting over Iraq

The Libertarian Party platform is not up for repeal via an online vote by Neal Boortz's drooling redneck followers. If the pro-war fake- "libertarians" don't like it, let them get the hell out and form their own damn party.

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