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News :: Miscellaneous

Insurance Companies Pay Silverstein Properties $2 billion For 9/11 Claims

"Seven Insurance Companies Pay Silverstein Properties $2 billion As Settlement For 9/11 Insurance Claims"

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News :: International Relations

Who's Behind the Fighting in North Lebanon?

"To understand what is going on with Fatah al-Islam at Nahr el-Bared one would want a brief introduction to Lebanon's amazing, but shadowy 'Welch Club'.

The Club is named for its godfather, David Welch, assistant to Secretary of State Rice who is the point man for the Bush administration and is guided by Eliot Abrams."

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Democrats Retreat before Bush

America and the troops were hoping that Democrats would fulfill the commitment they made to voters in 2006 to end the Iraq War; however on Thursday the Democrats in Congress help the Bush Administration get a blank check to pursue this criminal war. Senate and Congressional Democratic leaders helped facilitate a continued bloodbath in Iraq making this a bi-partisan imperial war.

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News :: Globalization

North American union plan headed to Congress in fall

"Powerful think tank prepares report on benefits of integration between U.S., Mexico, Canada"

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News :: Protest Activity

Living is Easy with Eyes Closed and Stop This Stupid War

Forum Topix posts

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Commentary :: Peace & War

War with Iran : the Correct Political Perspective

Because of the bitterly partisan and rivalrous degeneration of the American political situation, which is the driving force behind the destruction of the Constitution among other things, I must ask readers to see if it might be possible to hear a person out when there position disagrees with your position, so that perhaps you might even have a chance to consider an issue thoughtfully before making up your mind, which would be a new development in American politics, and might even save the country from further turns towards Caesar, supported by many because of the onrushing disaster.

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News :: Labor & Class

Candidate Alexander: Labor, War and Education Connects

Stewart A. Alexander, a presidential hopeful with the Peace and Freedom Party, applaud the actions of the ILWU Local 10 and Local 34 for lending their strong support to anti-war protesters at the SSA shipping terminals in Oakland, California. On May 19 the Port Action Committee, the Oakland Education Association, along with teacher, students and community activist demanded that the U.S. get out of Iraq and called on other unionists throughout the United States to mobilize in action to stop the war.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

"We Are Not Safe"

Video reveals domestic depopulation program, courtesy of the U.S. Patriot Act.

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

The Zen of Problems

This is a Zen Buddhist approach to problems.

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News :: Children

recycle trash for the poor

converting trash

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