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Announcement :: Peace & War


Two military officers of high conscience and courage, Marine Major William B. Fox and Army Captain Eric H. May, have posted a critical worldwide alert on false flag prospects for this week, April 7-11. As they point out, there are too many indicators of a possible war with Iran not to be concerned.

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News :: Media

PARAGUAY. Dictadura mediática, encuestas dibujadas

Un notorio avasallamiento de las mayorías a través del control de la mente pública, ejercida por intermedio de la prensa que responde a los grupos dominantes, es lo que puede advertirse en la actual campaña presidencial de Paraguay.

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News :: Peace & War

A General Debate on Iraq: Odom Vs. Petraeus

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, presents two opposite ends of the Iraq war debate in the persons of retired Lt. General Odom and Iraq commander General

Petraeus. As always, the captain offers commentary and controversy on a topic badly in need of it!

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Review :: Miscellaneous

Food Not Bombs National Gathering reportback

By nearly all accounts the Food Not Bombs National Gathering at the end of March was a smashing success: Activists of all types and ages from FNB chapters all over the country were brought together in Nashville, TN for a Critical Mass bike ride, no-pants dance party, a day of workshops, a group meeting, scavenger hunt, huge food sharing downtown and a march through the streets.

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News :: Environment

5 Days Left to Stop the Bombs!

We are here to tell the DOE and the federal government that we don't want to spend more money on new nuclear weapons or the current popular term WMD or weapons of mass destruction.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:Iraqi Government Assault on al-Sadr's Militia Fails

BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine --Weekly Summary

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News :: Protest Activity

Four Activists Shut Down Bank of America for Fossil Fools Day Action

[See other Fossil Fools Day actions nation-wide at US Indymedia: indymedia.us/en/2008/04/30851.shtml]

On Tuesday April 1, at about 8:40am, four activists took direct action against the Bank of America in Copley Square, Boston, by locking themselves to the front door to protest the banks funding of coal power in the US. The action was done with support from Rising Tide North America, the Rainforest Action Network, and the Energy Action Coalition.

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Review :: Peace & War



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Commentary :: Indymedia : Miscellaneous : Protest Activity : Race & Ethnicity

African Americans Are Spellbound

African Americans from all walks of life—ranging from doctorate degree owners, academia professionals, ministers, politicians, or corporate executives, to ill-educated people—share a commonality when it comes to the n-word: They are mesmerized by its hypnotic influence.

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News :: Globalization

Comunistas protegidos por George W. Bush

La historia del Partido comunista paraguayo es una crónica de hechos heroicos, luchas inclaudicables y lealtad a una causa que raya en lo demencial. Fundado en 1928 al influjo de las revoluciones que sacudían al orbe como cataclismos que daban nueva forma al mundo, sufrió la tenaz persecución de los gobiernos liberales que entonces asolaban al Paraguay.

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