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RIOTS : Comparision between Rajive Gandhi and Narendra Modi

RIOTS : Comparision between Rajive Gandhi and Narendra Modi
The country has witnessed 2500 riots between 1950 and 1990


Now let us compare some items between Sikh Riots (Rajive Gandhi was PM ) and Post Goadhra Riots  (Narendra Modi was CM)




Sikh Riots

Gujrat Riots



Indira Gandhi was shot by just one Sikh bodyguard.

Railway coaches were set on fire by a huge crowd of Muslims ,killing 58 Hindu women and children


Help of the Army sought

After 72 Hours . Mr.Gavai responsible   maintenance of law and order in Delhi , claimed the SIKH carnage was not on account of any errors on his part but rather because the Rajiv Gandhi Government at the Centre‘deliberately delayed’’ calling in the Army when the mass killings began on November 1, 1984. Source:

Within 24 Hr .

Note : Indian Army was Eye-Ball-to Eye ball with Pakistan at the border after parliament attack .  Risking  security at the border NDA government moved the army from Border to Gujarat to bring down the riots


What Leaders orders to Authorities

 Mr.Gavai was told by Mr.Rajive Gandhi ,   "Gavaiji, you are a heart patient and you should now take rest.’’ Source:

None, just media rumors.


Killed in Riots

4000 Sikhs were killed

254 Hindus and 790 Muslims  Source , Disclosed by Central Government in Parliament


Community wise Killed  by in Riots

Only SIKH community members

Both Hindus and Muslims


Police Action


Police Shot dead both Hindu and Muslims



Congress workers lead by Congress leaders

 Both Hindu and Muslims


 What Leaders Commented

PM Rajive Gandhi  said “When a big tree falls the earth is bound to shake?. He never denied saying it

 “Action and reaction are equal? , English media quoted , though CM Narender Modi  himself never used them 


English Media Role

Deliberately played down

Deliberately played Up


Seculars Comment

Nope , Silence on whole issue

'Secularist' viewpoint was best exemplified by the comment Teesta Setalvad made to The Washington Post of February 28. She said, 'Let us not forget the provocation. These people were not going for a benign assembly. They were indulging in blatant and unlawful mobilisation to build a temple and deliberately provoke the Muslims in India.' Setalvad must be perverse to label karsevaks returning from Ayodhya as those 'indulging in blatant and unlawful mobilisation'. But that is all one has come to expect from the likes of such women and men.


Concentration of Riots 

All over India

Only one state Gujarat



None , all are acquitted including Former Ministers who lead attackers 

Trials are going 


Secularists /Communists behaviors

Silent on Sikh riots  by COALITION AGAINST GENOCIDE , which became synonymous to Hindu hating leftist front in USA . Didn't condemn Rajive Gandhi

Distorted facts and demonizing BJP leaders and Narendra Modi


Congress/BJP  leaders behavior

1 . Ex-PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee risked his life to save Sikh near his home from Congress thugs . 

2. Congress leaders like Jagdish Titler, Sajjan Kumar and HLK Bhagat lead the congress mob .

Not a single congress leader came forward to quell the violence . In some cases Congress workers took part in riots .

Narendra Modi did his job to bring the violence in Gujarat , in case of Sikh riots Mr.Rajiv Gandhi is responsible for killing of 4000  innocent lives belonging to Sikh community . Riots take place between 2 communities and one can see death toll in both communities . In case of SIKH riots the victims are only Sikh community , which can be equated to Pre Planned mass murder by Congress Party , however you cannot say this to Gujarat.

Gujarat Riots would have taken place even if Congress Government was in power at that time , if Goadhra had not happened Gujarat would have not taken place . It is 

Shedding blood is gruesome. Is it all right to kill 3,000 Sikhs for the fault of one guard who killed a Prime Minister, in a spirit of revenge, but it is all wrong for people to get incensed at the thought of 58 women and children killed in the most gruesome way?